To all w3c maniacs:

i won't use css until i really need it or site will look awful in firefox! :P


Masters servers used to get IPs of game servers:


0.61B - 08.04.2015, so ~7 years later, lol
Added list of whole 1.31 and 1.32 point release, coz after so many years it's tiny!
ASE finds ioQ3 1.31 and 1.32 servers too! Who the hell changed svar protocol to com_protocol... ;)

A few graphic fixes/changes
Added to show servers with enabled PunkBuster

Added new function: Export servers, now you can export up-to-date server list to your favorite server browser!
Added Bugs reporting

Added Our servers
Fixed array error

Second public version,
Changed font,
Replacing long map names to shorter( just pro-q3tourneys to pro-q3t ) and using smaller font for other long-named maps(and hostnames ofcourse),
Added orginal ASE-like heads,
Added orginal ASE-like gameicons for osp and cpma,
Added painted freeze icons ( =P ). Future use: favourites,
Added filters: ufreeze 1.32 and defrag 1.32,
Added to show passworded servers,

Replaced noghost ( coz there were little number of servers in masters and i dont play it... ;))

Added noghost

First public beta,
IPs of servers are automatically taken from 2 masters(idsoftware and,
Added country checking

Added logo made in M$ PAINT PRO,
Checking new game filters (proball, cpma),
Added Colorized number of players

Servers are taken from master servers(idsoftware),
Added server settings,
Hostnames are colorized

Hurray! it checks status of my servers and shows players!